back to school! er, I mean back to work!!!

The move, the transition from living/working in Chicago to New York City is complete…all that is left is being handed my new ID badge at orientation tomorrow morning! It’s become apparent during the “on-boarding” process that I actually accepted this position back in May-May 8th to be exact- I saw the offer letter last week.

No one can say this was a lightening fast, flash decision, in fact it almost didn’t happen at several junctures for many different reasons but every time I felt it was the best thing to do at that particular moment-given the complicated circumstances.

I suppose the “correctness” of any major life changing event is understanding how you got “there”~whatever, wherever “there” is. As I sit here, at this moment in time, on the eve of starting a new job I feel pretty good about the whole thing. Basically, my old job had become untenable-I am still working on a lawsuit against (not the hospital) the lawyer who missed the deadline to sue the hospital, my old boss left and was replaced by a very naive, pollyanna director who would have driven me crazy. On this end I have been welcomed into a very stable, organized department at a verrrrry posh hospital (#1 in NYC).

Of course there are trade-offs-in this case: my garden, my boyfriend, my cat.

Too soon to know how it will all play out but I am hopeful!!!

Tracy “Spontaneous” A

I was driving west yesterday along a very scenic and familiar road. There are a few brown tourist signs that I have seen but never bothered to check out…one is for the cold spring harbor whaling museum and another for cold spring harbor laboratory and the third is for sagamore hill.

Finally I made an unconscious decision to make a quick right and follow the signs. It turned out to be a long winding road and I went through a series of thoughts that I was either lost or that it would be a broken down cabin or something equally disappointing but no it was lovely! The big main house was closed for repairs so I will have to go back to get a view from the front porch out over the bay but the museum was open and there is a nature 3It was all free so it will be easy to go back again to walk the trails…it is on a hill and there are lovely apple and oak trees and I assume views of the bay at some point?

I went through the museum and was amused by this little piece of jewelry

photo 4Apparently Teddy Roosevelt’s wife wore it during WW1. I sent this photo to my former colleagues saying maybe they/we would be a little more intimidating if we wore this!

It felt good to try something new~all by myself



5.30 am????

I forgot to turn off the alarm I had set for my (cancelled) trip upstate on Friday. This morning I was rudely roused in the morning darkness from a deep sleep and and intense dream at 5.30 am. It dawned on me that 5.30 am used to be my usual wake up time. In the last days of my previous job I rarely saw 6 am and waking at 6.30 was not unusual. I will probably plan on about 7 am for my new job

Due to this unexpected waking the morning was a little slow…I considered lots of different options:

  • A subway trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • A subway trip to Union Square for a bit of retail therapy and people watching
  • A roadtrip upstate
  • A roadtrip to Long Island

So I headed out with number 4 vaguely in mind. I am trying to be open and spontaneous. This area is familiar in a deja vous kind of way. The names of the streets trigger a knowing response but where they go is another story.

I took the only way I am comfortable with and that would be due east..out on long island.


Just to orient you out of NYers I live very close to the square that says New York-I drove out on 678 and 495 ending up somewhere around the very posh Glen Cove-Oyster Bay Area. One thing I remembered about north shore long islanders is they pay a big price to live near “the water” and they will do anything to ensure riff-raff like people with Illinois plates stay far away!

Aha, but I have siri!! when I innocently asked siri for directions to the huntington town (public) beach~~he guided me directly to a small private beach called Crescent Beach.

photo 2

There were signs saying there was a fee but nobody there to collect the money and the gate was wide open…probably because it was so well hidden. So I drove in

photo 3

I enjoyed the smell of salt water and the sound of the waves

photo (4)


Change of plans

After my treacherous journey yesterday, I was daunted and when my alarm went off this morning for what should have been my day trip upstate I just couldn’t bear getting in my car again.

The good news is I finally broke down and ordered myself an iphone, it was supposed to be delivered Tuesday but I just checked the tracking and it is on the truck for delivery today! Glad I didn’t pay $16.99 for expedited shipping….

Now I will have something to play with over the weekend!!

It’s a miracle…

That I made it home alive today. I set out with a vague plan to get the oil changed on my little green baby. As if it isn’t weird enough just being in New York after 20 years, the nearest Fiat dealer happens to be just blocks from where my ex’s family lived…when we were married!

This was my second attempt to find it as I am finding that as a driver and not just a passenger the street signs and usual traffic configurations in NY are seriously flawed. Twice today I was driving along on the road I wanted to be on when I got thrown into a mess of construction, signs and ramps requiring lightening speed decisions…then got spit out on a completely different road!!!

At one point I swerved around a truck and came very close to slamming into a barricade *heart pounding*

Luckily my genetic sense of direction was working and when I saw signs saying…North Brooklyn, Bushwick Ave and East New York I knew I was going the wrong way. I circled back on the Jackie Robinson Parkway but discouraged, hungry and tired I actually pulled over and checked the basic map on my blackberry phone…thinking even Siri couldn’t get me out of this mess.

I did eventually find my way back the only photo I managed to capture from this wild (and it was wild) ride is this


tomorrow~~~~undaunted~~~I am heading upstate!!!!

A Personal Plea


What makes this house special is that it has only had two owners since it was built in 1933-the first being my grandparents.

Originally posted on Rosewire:

I’m not sure where to begin this post. I don’t usually reveal emotional stories on Rosewire, but this is house and home related.

I will begin with the house.

This house3863 Woodsidewas built by my great grandparents in 1933.

You can click on the photo to see more.

I just learned that it is on the market. I have always loved this house from afar.  I never knew my great- grandparents, but I used to live around the corner from it and my mom would point it out to me. Its the last house on the corner across from the forest preserve in the cutest little nook called Hollywood.

The thing is… I need something.

It’s doubtful that I will win the lotto tonight so I can buy it myself so I need something much more personal.

I need to contact the current owner and show her all the photos…

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