Feeling like a New Yorker

I’ve been in New York about a month, at my new job just over two weeks. The MTA, in my humble opinion, does not blow. I can see how difficult it may be being pregnant and with a kid but I think on the whole it is quite reliable and even entertaining.

A few examples just from today-

  • A man sat next to me and proceeded to cough~forcefully and frequently~I wanted to say quietly…and have you seen a doctor for that cough?
  • A very strong, muscled black man parked himself legs wide apart right in front of me (sitting), ahem..this placed his crotch within 12 inches of my face and with no place else to divert my eyes on a crowded train.
  • Two moms with two strollers and a gaggle of munchkins like they were walking through a park…during rush hour…really?

So, I left work with my new set of co-workers-4 of us all heading to the same subway station before we got on separate trains~ A & C trains….Uptown and Downtown.

That’s when it hit me-I’m a New Yorker!!

never too late…

Today I did something quite casually that I have never-NEVER done in my entire adult life. I bought mascara and lipstick. Shocking?! Yes, between living in NYC and agreeing to be a guest at a wedding, my current state of grooming is just not cutting it.

So, there’s two thing here…being a middle aged, white haired women is next to invisible. There are plenty of middle age women but they are clearly dyed~complete with cleavage wrinkles and chicken wings. If I was a photographer I would have pictures of these manicured women (young and old) with pic of their backside with various labels….”fake tan” “crazy” “botox” “stalker” “boob job” “anorexic”…because that is what they are.

Up until this point I have been completely natural-I wax my eyebrows and pluck the odd hair off my top lip but the rest is just the way I am. But with my hair going rapidly from gray to white (thanks grandma) I look washed out…

I have agreed to accompany a good friend (and lover) to a wedding in October. I will meet his very judgmental Italian family. I’m sure they are lovely people but even the grooms backwards Pennsylvania family will not prevent me from having to walk the gauntlet….

Mascara and lipstick seems to have made miraculous advances in the past 40 years…

What’s next??? Some Amy Winehouse eyeliner??

“because the MTA blows”

Those were not my words but what I was thinking was probably worse. This morning, on my very first commute to my new job….an ungodly hot, humid September morning I got the the elevated subway platform and heard an announcement that “due to an incident on the tracks” my train was ending early and listing the alternative routes-none of which I was familiar with.

It soon became useless information as 1, 2, 3, 4….5 trains came and went completely packed!!! It was only for the extremely aggressive and contortionist type of person who could get on.

As I was waiting for the 6th train a man with his young (3-4 yr old) son and pregnant wife appeared on the platform. the little boy all chipper and oblivious to the hot and bothered commuters was asking the usual questions~~

Daddy, when is the train coming? soon…daddy why are there so many people here? because they are going to work….daddy, is the train coming? no, not yet…. daddy, why isn’t the train coming?

This is when pregnant, sweating mommy interjects…because the MTA blows

The little boy says what? mommy what? it’s broken? and the daddy with the patience of a saint says yes, because it’s broken….

I can’t judge the MTA on just one commute, I’ll have a full report on Friday about whether I agree with the pregnant mom that indeed the MTA does blow.

back to school! er, I mean back to work!!!

The move, the transition from living/working in Chicago to New York City is complete…all that is left is being handed my new ID badge at orientation tomorrow morning! It’s become apparent during the “on-boarding” process that I actually accepted this position back in May-May 8th to be exact- I saw the offer letter last week.

No one can say this was a lightening fast, flash decision, in fact it almost didn’t happen at several junctures for many different reasons but every time I felt it was the best thing to do at that particular moment-given the complicated circumstances.

I suppose the “correctness” of any major life changing event is understanding how you got “there”~whatever, wherever “there” is. As I sit here, at this moment in time, on the eve of starting a new job I feel pretty good about the whole thing. Basically, my old job had become untenable-I am still working on a lawsuit against (not the hospital) the lawyer who missed the deadline to sue the hospital, my old boss left and was replaced by a very naive, pollyanna director who would have driven me crazy. On this end I have been welcomed into a very stable, organized department at a verrrrry posh hospital (#1 in NYC).

Of course there are trade-offs-in this case: my garden, my boyfriend, my cat.

Too soon to know how it will all play out but I am hopeful!!!

Tracy “Spontaneous” A

I was driving west yesterday along a very scenic and familiar road. There are a few brown tourist signs that I have seen but never bothered to check out…one is for the cold spring harbor whaling museum and another for cold spring harbor laboratory and the third is for sagamore hill.

Finally I made an unconscious decision to make a quick right and follow the signs. It turned out to be a long winding road and I went through a series of thoughts that I was either lost or that it would be a broken down cabin or something equally disappointing but no it was lovely! The big main house was closed for repairs so I will have to go back to get a view from the front porch out over the bay but the museum was open and there is a nature trail.photo 3It was all free so it will be easy to go back again to walk the trails…it is on a hill and there are lovely apple and oak trees and I assume views of the bay at some point?

I went through the museum and was amused by this little piece of jewelry

photo 4Apparently Teddy Roosevelt’s wife wore it during WW1. I sent this photo to my former colleagues saying maybe they/we would be a little more intimidating if we wore this!

It felt good to try something new~all by myself