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The lovebirds were back

Maybe I should call them early morning penguins? or snow bunnies?

After no action outside my window yesterday morning, today was a realization about how old I am.

Car number 2 was parked up bright and early with our little love-doves, both in the front seat, just talking and playing around a little. I was going to take a photo but thought what could happen? it’s too flippin cold (10F) to fool around…

then Car number 1 pulls up and the gentleman and his lady friend got out-as usual spent some time getting backpacks and stuff out of the backseat. At this point they looked pretty middle age and innocent next to the young couple in the other car. They head off to the subway…

So I jump in the shower and when I get out? The lovebirds are in the backseat, again! Engine running, window cracked so they don’t fog up the windows too much…

I had to shuffle off to work myself but I felt better because I got a good look at the guy this time and he was young so maybe they are just a couple who both live at home? I was worried it was an old geezer taking advantage of a younger woman or paying for sex…yuck, right under my window?

I sent this chapter of the saga to my friend and we both agreed they must be early 20’s-having sex in a car in sub-zero temperatures would never even be considered by:

  • anyone over 50 with anyone
  • anyone over 40 with their own partner
  • over 30 might consider it if they still lived at home with their parents

who knows what will happen tomorrow? It’s been fairly dark and cloudy, I wonder if a bright sunny day will change anything?


7.15am car quickie

Every morning after my shower I sit and drink my coffee, eat some cereal and listen to the radio. There are two cars that park right under my window. The first car is usually there when I get up at 7. Sometimes the gentleman is accompanied by a woman and I think oh, they had a sleepover last night.

This morning the other car showed up as usual during my coffee and the first thing I noticed was that it took him 3-4 manuevers to get the car backed in just right. He was sitting there with the engine running when out of the corner of my eye I saw a young woman jump in the back seat.

Then I see the driver climb over the seat into the back.

Hmmm, that’s interesting.

IMG_0132[1]15 minutes later he is back in the drivers seat, she has the back door open doing whatever

Then she jumps in the drivers seat and seems even more excited to be behind the wheel as she slowly pulls away.

My guess is they were having sex-my friend suggested they were trying on new christmas presents

Any other possibilities?

Name this landmark


An old hobby comes back

I used to embroider, a lot and in many different ways. One of my favorite projects was some very cool designs I sewed on my brothers white painters pants when he was like 7 years old. He is now in his mid forties and being the sentimental pack rat that he is I believe he still has them. Those designs were pre-printed iron-on patterns for rocket ships and robots that I just filled in. I have searched high and low for something similar without success.

Pre-dating that slightly I had my 70’s  “patchwork” phase. I patched and sewed my jean and anything else I could find…

I also had a free form phase-I embroidered at least two items for my niece-who is also pushing 40. I embroidered a baby pillow case for her with her name and some flowers and another scene that I copied from a post card- flowers and a balcony, I think.

I cross stitched for many years but cross stitch is very limited.

Fast forward, 2014-this is my new project

IMG_0128[1]It’s not finished but it’s a flag/banner of sorts for the annual hippie fest, It’s hanging over a door so it’s scrunched up at the top. Here are some of the details~~~IMG_0130[1] IMG_0129[1]

Hey it’s not Picaso but I enjoy making the details and it keeps me off the sauce, errrr… out of trouble!!

lovely words

A poet, Miller Williams died yesterday and his words were read at the end of the announcement on the radio.

“Have compassion for everyone you meet, even if they don’t want it. What seems conceit, bad manners, or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen.
You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone.”

Miller Williams

so very true!

Sunday, January, Cloudy-doesn’t get lazier than this


driving in fog

I am a certified worrier, I make myself sick and depressed worrying not so much about myself but about those around me and the world in general.

This week I was in my alternate state of mind which is to be completely spaced out just letting anything come into my head. I had a very clear visual of what worrying feels like and why I need to stop.


I think worrying is like driving in the fog- that hyper-vigilent state of trying to see into the darkness around you. It’s stressful and tiring. Maybe you can’t just plow on blindly but you can pull over and stop for a break, slow down or take a different route?

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Computers can be cruel

Watching both my sons struggle to get fully employed has been painful for them….and me. The online application process is just out of control. There’s no personal interaction-the applicant tosses their resume into the pre-programmed decision making tree which is designed to scan for key words and employers are inundated with resumes which spit out a few “lucky” applicants chosen to continue to run the gauntlet of virtually begging for a position they are often over qualified for. Such is the current state of the economy and well, rejection is just part of the game.

Yesterday, I applied for a position at a large healthcare hospital system in Chicago… Advocate. I upload my resume and complete the tedious application because I know how it goes. I submit the application and almost immediately I get an email saying I need to take a “Patient Experience Profile” within 72 hours. I know how this works, their computer has scanned my application and determined that I meet the basic requirements. So, I open up the link they sent me and it says there’s no right or wrong answer just try to pick the “best” answer. I go through the 50-60 “questions” -some are 3 words like compassionate, determined and frugal (?) which of these describes you best and which least.  A bunch of other questions ask how many times you’ve had unexcused absences or how would your co-workers/supervisor describe you. It’s all really ambiguous and annoying but I muddle though.

So keeping in mind that they say there are no right or wrong answers- imagine my surprise when I finish and get the following message:

Thank you for completing Advocate’s Patient Experience Profile.

Candidates must receive a passing score in order to continue in the selection process. At this time, you will not move forward in the selection process for positions that have patient contact. You will be eligible to re-take this assessment in six months. Until then, you may apply for a position that does not require patient contact.

Clearly there are right and wrong answers??

I am really starting to understand what my sons have been putting up with. I obviously have  a very good job and this gives me some insulation from the harshness of this message but what about people who are desperately trying to get a foot in the door?

Today I got the same message in an email and here is my reply:

Dear Advocate Health Care Recruitment,
I have provided compassionate and professional care to all of my patients, received positive feedback from colleagues and outstanding performance evaluations from managers over the past 20 years.
I have never been so insulted and degraded in my whole career as to be told by a computer that I am incompetent for a position with patient contact.
I am truly shocked and speechless.
Regards, Tracy A
To think this all took place over the weekend without any human intervention whatsoever. I wouldn’t want to work at a place that treats people like that anyway…

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