Wednesday update

One very positive and transformative thing I am doing for myself is…

I am currently finishing up my 5th month of “boot camp” and still going strong, highly motivated and feeling 10 years younger.

To clarify this is boot camp for middle age people. We meet Mon-Wed-Fri at 6am! It’s an ever-changing mix of cardio, weights, yoga and Pliates.

So far I have lost 10 pounds without really trying and have a whole new wardrobe!

The downside is I drive 20 mins at 5.40am to get there-I also go into work a little later than I would like and of course I drag myself out of a comfy bed at 5.30am.

I’m not the best attendee-I don’t get there 3 times every week but if I can work out twice a week I think i’m doing pretty good.

As fall is closing in, we move inside to a yoga studio-which we did this morning. I thought it would be easier because there wouldn’t be any running but she (our guru) has us captive and my arms and abs are feeling it tonight.

Just think how great I’m going to look in my sleeveless tops next year?

Honesty is not always the best policy

Here in the great but bankrupt state of Illinois, in the heart of its greatest (and even more bankrupt) city of Chicago-writing parking tickets has become one way to generate revenue. Forget the days of run of the mill parking and speeding tickets, We are now under constant camera surveillance and at the mercy of independent contractors who-let’s think about this-get paid for writing tickets; which may make them slightly inclined to stretch the rues just a little…?

We have this odd practice in Illinois of paying the tax on our car registration and getting a small. less than one inch square sticker to stick on the corner of the license plate…in a city that is 30 below zero in the winter and around a 100 F in the summer. I would love to see these guys test the adhesive they use.


The night before I left for Turkey about a month ago I came out from shopping and found a ticket on my car. Surprised because knew I paid the meter I was shocked to read-“exp registration” Whaaa? I go to the back of the car and see that in fact my stupid little sticker is missing.

The next day I call the DMV and confirm that I did indeed pay my registration, I tell the lady that it must have “fallen off”. During the course of the conversation she drops a few insightful tidbits…that it was “probably stolen” and when I asked if the ticketer can check for valid registration she said “they can, but they don’t”.

Not wanting to drag this post out in minute detail, i will just say that in the interim 5 weeks I have gotten about 5 more tickets.

So let’s review this-someone steals my sticker, the private ticket employee does not do their job and check my registration and leave me a polite reminder that my sticker may have fallen off and because i am one of the dwindling number of gainfully employed citizens in this city therefore unable to spend 3 tortuous hours at the DMV – I have racked up $300 in tickets?!!!

Let’s just say I was beyond words last night with the latest ticket. Absolutely head banging, sick to my stomach, crazy…wondering what my options are-go into work late, take an afternoon off, spend half of Saturday, risk waiting for my renewal notice and hope the ticketer goes on vacation?

I guess I should add here that all the tickets have been given on the exact block where I live-nowhere else-which contributed to my sense of persecution. I parked in a new spot last night for karma and decided at least I would drive to work and park my car safely in the garage.

As i was trudging along dejectedly to my car this morning, intensely inspecting everyone else’s sticker-the date, expired or close to expiring, how securely they were affixed, I happened on one with the same expiration date as mine (12/15) and looking precariously loose.

I am somewhat, but not very ashamed to say I snatched that sticker and immediately felt relief. I superglued that dirty. curled up on the edge sticker to my plate after work


and will sleep better tonight.

It’s been so long

since I had all my kids around a table for a meal. I honestly can’t remember the last time. Probably more than 10 years?

But last Sunday we did it!!!

All three of my kids plus my boyfriend and his son and of course my lovely daughter in law and adorable grandson!

I didn’t want to make a fuss for fear of jinxing the whole day but I can not express the deep emotions stirring in my heart as we ate and then relaxed watching football, talking.

For how ever long this lasts, I will enjoy these Sunday dinners because I know drama is brewing…

Checking in

So I am just re-orienting myself to the ole blog and see that in fact it’s only been 10 months since my last post. I am still trying to make sense of a disastrous professional job move but the ship is righted and we are anticipating smooth sailing from here on.

A brief run down of the last 10 months would be something like

  1. Disillusioned with rich hospital but loving the big apple
  2. Son (30 yrs old) tells me his girlfriend is pregnant
  3. I decide living with son, gf and pending baby is not possible
  4. I take a job in Chicago that I thought would be “perfect”
  5. Son and gf get married
  6. I move in with my lover/manfriend of 4+ years
  7. Job in Chicago is anything but “perfect”
  8. I quit my imperfect job & offered a job at the VA almost the same day grandson is born
  9. I buy into a medical cannabis business
  10. I take off three months to oversee business while my VA (fed) paperwork gets processed
  11. Son, wife and the most beautiful grandson ever move to Chicago
  12. Back to work, get thanked everyday for my military service and babysit grandson for a few hours on the weekend
  13. Have occasional panic attacks thinking that I can’t possibly be living the life I have always dreamed of

Bear with me while I….

it’s been awhile- about a year actually

since I last wrote a post on this blog.

A lot has happened and I think I have a lot to say

One thing that happened today was that I was standing on the L platform waiting for the train to take me one stop to work and the screen said October 15. I was thinking that seemed familiar, did it mean something, did I forget something, should I be doing something?

Then I remembered it is my ex boyfriends birthday.


Happy Birthday Roy

The lovebirds were back

Maybe I should call them early morning penguins? or snow bunnies?

After no action outside my window yesterday morning, today was a realization about how old I am.

Car number 2 was parked up bright and early with our little love-doves, both in the front seat, just talking and playing around a little. I was going to take a photo but thought what could happen? it’s too flippin cold (10F) to fool around…

then Car number 1 pulls up and the gentleman and his lady friend got out-as usual spent some time getting backpacks and stuff out of the backseat. At this point they looked pretty middle age and innocent next to the young couple in the other car. They head off to the subway…

So I jump in the shower and when I get out? The lovebirds are in the backseat, again! Engine running, window cracked so they don’t fog up the windows too much…

I had to shuffle off to work myself but I felt better because I got a good look at the guy this time and he was young so maybe they are just a couple who both live at home? I was worried it was an old geezer taking advantage of a younger woman or paying for sex…yuck, right under my window?

I sent this chapter of the saga to my friend and we both agreed they must be early 20’s-having sex in a car in sub-zero temperatures would never even be considered by:

  • anyone over 50 with anyone
  • anyone over 40 with their own partner
  • over 30 might consider it if they still lived at home with their parents

who knows what will happen tomorrow? It’s been fairly dark and cloudy, I wonder if a bright sunny day will change anything?


7.15am car quickie

Every morning after my shower I sit and drink my coffee, eat some cereal and listen to the radio. There are two cars that park right under my window. The first car is usually there when I get up at 7. Sometimes the gentleman is accompanied by a woman and I think oh, they had a sleepover last night.

This morning the other car showed up as usual during my coffee and the first thing I noticed was that it took him 3-4 manuevers to get the car backed in just right. He was sitting there with the engine running when out of the corner of my eye I saw a young woman jump in the back seat.

Then I see the driver climb over the seat into the back.

Hmmm, that’s interesting.

IMG_0132[1]15 minutes later he is back in the drivers seat, she has the back door open doing whatever

Then she jumps in the drivers seat and seems even more excited to be behind the wheel as she slowly pulls away.

My guess is they were having sex-my friend suggested they were trying on new christmas presents

Any other possibilities?