little girls grow up

there is no doubt that my year spent in the air force in turkey was the most…..transforming year of my life. i thought that my three months of traveling around europe in 1977 had prepared me for international life…i was wrong, turkey was different, beyond anything i could have imagined and finding out i was pregnant with rose added just that tiny bit of stress i didn’t need…

we made friends with a turkish sergent, Fikret. he helped out in many ways, he got me a curfew pass, he got the waiting list to have a telephone installed (we provided the phone) whittled down from years to weeks and he showed us what normal turkish family life was really like.

remember this was the time of midnight express ~~~i welcomed every opportunity to get out and about with fikret and his wife nefise and their two little girls….we had picnics, we went to his extended family’s  hometown, we went on a weekend trip, we saw a newborn baby, we went to his house for dinner during ramadan the day the pope was shot…he was so worried we would be angry with him because it was a turk who shot him….all very nice, interesting memories

the most special time of my trip to canterbury included a spontaneous and long awaited coffe and chat with someone i remember like thispaper-004

she doesn’t wear red plaid overalls anymore but she has a cool fashion sense~~

paper-002that’s her agan in the red overalls..and i am in the blue flowered dress, long brown hair looking on…this was on a trip we took to mersin. we drove through tarsus


that’s her in the front, holding her head in her hands….i am in the back and the rest are assorted family members including her mom and dad on the right and her older sister on her left…cousins and aunt…we are having breakfast in osmaniye.

this is her now~~~ all grown up, world traveled…kind, thoughtful and creative!

just like my own little girl….who’s all grown up also!!!

did i mention this is a facebook success story?

3 thoughts on “little girls grow up

  1. woo hoo!! IT is amazing though.. makes me kind of teary.. One day I hope you are you going to be writing about a litle girl you used to visit in Ward 4 early on?? amazing what time and memory does, eh? She si beautiful.. Do you keep in touch with her folks as well?? It si wonderful when the natives take you in under their wings…

  2. i’ll be walking with a cane by the time Cate is that age!! but i have pictures of me and her too!!!

    her dad found me on facebook…we’d lost touch so i was really happy to hear from him and surprised his daughter was living so close by!

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