it’s back!

my love of my job….not my sense of smell!!!

i’ve worked two busy, BUSY days…with all the drama you expect in an ICU…discharges~~emergency admissions~~confused/combative patients, lots of cardiac arrhythmia’s, fluctuating blood pressures and a few challenging family members…an ICU nurses dream!!!

me? in my advanced age, rebounding from almost a month of nights….tired…dead tired~~~but today i had one of the most productive days in recent memory.

it’s all in the teamwork…and both days i had a great team…today my friend seb..who reads my blog…and knows more about me than i can remember…told me…more than once….. that i am getting…old… and crabby~~

he doesn’t know that i have always been crabby…in fact i am probably more pleasant than i used to be…

he forgets that americans don’t hide how they feel….

thanks seb!!! for all your help today and for making me laugh~~~~alot!!!!

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