this is not how you do it

i went up to the shop earlier and on the way home there was a guy going door to door. he knocked on one door and then knocked on the window. when the man came to the door he was none too happy…wouldn’t even listen to his sales pitch~ just told him to go away and i can’t blame him.

i went home~~ james went to sleep and i decided to take a second hot bath. not knowing mr obnoxious salesman was heading towards my door. there i am soaking in the tub when he starts rapping on my door, on my window~~must have heard the tv on so he starts calling out~hellllllo, anybody there? knock, knock…..KNOCK! anybody home? Hellllllo??? knock, rap, knock,  rap, rap, knock…

i quite nearly jumped out of the bath, threw on a towel and ran down to scream at him “WTF are you doing???!! get outta here before i call the effing police!”

he left just before i finished my soak~ he doesn’t know how lucky he is. i don’t have a clue what he was selling/giving out but when i saw him at the other man’s house i was thinking he really needs to rethink his sales pitch… after he came to my house i thought he just needs to be shot!

after my psycho evening bath, i slathered my legs with some lovely l’occitane body creami know i smell really good…from past experience… still nothing happening in my nose~~~

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