when it’s good…

i’ve been meaning to write about the wonderful…dry, sunny weather we’ve been having. being the pessismist that i am, i sometimes forget to take note and revel in the good stuff. i think it’s been about two weeks now that it’s been sunny or partly sunny everyday!! it’s on the cool side, low 60’s but for me  the main thing is NO RAIN!!! and that means very few slugs and snails!!!! which makes gardening me VERY happy!!!

they said it was going to rain this weekend but it only rained for a few hours yesterday morning and has been bright and sunny since. with just that little bit of rain though i saw a sudden increase in the S&S (slug &snail) population. i’m going to clean up, get organized and trim the hedges today.

yesterday i found myself in the birmingham city centre in the midst of st georges day celebrations. it was a really nice atmosphere, good to see the locals letting loose a little and celebrating being english. there were some market stalls selling food and crafts, a beatles tribute band which was pretty good and morris dancers….

the ones we saw were more like this except many more flowers on their hats and less bells on their legs

silly me…i always thought these were morris dancers…but they are the pearly kings and queens

i really did enjoy the whole day…really!!!

2 thoughts on “when it’s good…

  1. Glad you got to see some REAL Morris Dancers, and that the city centre bash was good – we went a couple of years ago and it was fantastic! Missed it this year, DH was working and I was out of town…

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