the early bird

well, i am up early today….5:45…actually i am awake early everyday! ever since i went back to working days i am awake at 4am…exactly..on the dot~~i obviously don’t get up at that time, i toss and turn, listen for my neighbor to leave for work at 4:30…then just try to enjoy being horizontal until 6am when i get up for work. on my days off, like today i do get up early because i know i can go back to bed later…

lots to do today, it’s payday and i got an unusually large paycheck…i don’t like to question stuff like that~~ lots of bills to pay, birthday presents/cards…maybe even a plane ticket for the pudgy bunny!

work? monday was okay…yesterday was manic. i was the second nurse assigned to take care of a patient~ that’s 2 nurses for one very, very sick patient…she was supposed to have a liver transplant but the surgeons decided she was too sick (good call)~~ her abdomen was so beyond distended. it was literally as hard as a rock…well, maybe a fully inflated basketball. we did a little test to see just how much pressure was in there~anything over 20 is cause for concern~hers was 83. the doctor had never seen a reading that high. it means that all her organs~ liver, kidneys, bladder, bowels were being squeezed so tightly they were being strangulated of their blood supply, unable to function… we just kept her going til about 5pm~ she died.

luckily the other nurse with me was my good friend, so it was quite a pleasant day for us…the rest of the week will be be much more relaxing.

in december, i applied with an agency here. they said they’d have me working at a really nice hospital in oxford for mega ££ by feb~~~let me check? it’s now almost may?? but the manager of the agency called me late last week and started asking me when i could start…wha?? i told her are you sure you have the right person? i haven’t even interviewed for the position! well, i have an interview tomorrow in oxford.

it looks really nice, other people have told me the hospital is nice, it’s only an hour away and the pay is mega…the catch?? it’s not a permanent position. it may last only 6 months or maybe a year. it will be very difficult for me to quit my full time position knowing that i will never be able to go back at the same level because they are phasing it out. i know i am a big risk taker but not when i have a mortgage…in a recession.

the other development is that i went to another agency last week, this guy says a hospital in guernsey wants to interview me…this one also looks interesting. not exactly what i had in mind but i will see what they have to offer. it’s a small island really close to france, i heard it’s a tax haven so it has complicated rules, but i would love to live near the sea…

more later~~

2 thoughts on “the early bird

  1. Near the sea?? You’d have a problem escaping being near the sea on Guernsey! Sigh…I have no major desire to visit Guernsey, but Jersey is high on my list. It bumped higher when we flew over the islands on our return from Spain a couple of years ago – they looked like jewels set in a tropical sea! (So, I have a good imagination!)

    Won’t wish you luck on interviews, that may be jinxing things! So, I’ll say instead, enjoy your visit to Oxford. 🙂

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