my nose/smell update

i’m still having diminished and sporadic olfactory function. it’s still not working but i do have the occasional whiff.

like yesterday i was walking home from the train after work. i experienced a distinct smell of petrol/gasoline. i put that together with the man standing over the engine of his car. it was so strong that i wanted to ask him “please don’t light a cigarette til i get up the road” as i walked by~~~ i could see the iridescent film of gas pouring down the gutter to the sewer.

i did not however smell some cappuccino coffee chocolates i bought, i can’t smell the jerk seasoning i used tonight…it burned my mouth but i couldn’t tell you if it was a curry, jerk or just hot chili’s!

forget regular stuff like coffee, cat food, tomatoes, cheese….flowers, shampoo, beer, bananas, bacon…..

the nose drops have done nothing and i tried to get an appointment at my hospital (the one where i am a critical care senior staff nurse) with the ENT clinic, they said i have to be referred by my GP.

next step?


2 months is my limit

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