this is spooky…

despite being very sore after my gardening day, i have spent lots of time admiring my lovely manicured front garden. the back still needs a little work but it’s trimmed enough to get down to the details…here’s a few pics


the front garden at sunset~~

avacodo-007 avacodo-011

i’m kind of excited about these, i planted them a few years ago and i don’t think they have ever bloomed but this year something is definitely going to happen. i hope they will look like this>>>

because i think i planted allium there…

here’s my lilacs that i inherited from the previous owner, mrs holloway. i have managed to trim them each year and they are blooming better.avacodo-010avacodo-014

peonies…another inherited plant. i’ve divided the original into at least four separate plants…front and back!avacodo-012


this is my wisteria…on the right…it also has yet to bloom over the past 3 years since i bought it at woolworth’s…this year it has great big buds~~~~so i’m hopeful…

and finally the back garden which will have to wait til later this week to get fully weeded and trimmedavacodo-0091

the spooky part??? no rain….the absence of water in the garden, no sloshing around in the grass….watching my tender plants being devoured by snails and slugs!!! after digging around in the dirt yesterday, i see where the slugs hide out and if they stay where they are, i think we can all co exist and i won’t have to get out the poison!!!

2 thoughts on “this is spooky…

  1. ewww, that’s bad…if we had slugs in Wisconsin and I was still in my old house, I could see slugs there – the house was that bad!

    Tracy, the garden looks like it’s coming along!

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