today is a holiday…kind of…

james has been preparing for his exams….for weeks, which started today. over the weekend i realized today is a “bank holiday”, i told him no way will he have an exam on a bank holiday…must be a mistake! no, at the bottom of the exam schedule it clearly says “bank holiday exams will take place in such and such room”

okaaaaay, so is that a problem???? it is indeed for those of us that rely on public transportation! after checking online and calling for information, we decide on a plan for him to take the bus to the city centre and then a train out to his school. keeping in mind that it is absolutely essential that he gets there by 9am…preferably 8:45.

he gets up at 6:50, i make him a cup of coffee and a bagel and off he goes to catch the bus…the one that doesn’t come because….it’s on a sunday schedule! a few phone calls later i am told by a very nice lady, with a chuckle…oh, no the buses are on a sunday schedule but the trains are on a “near normal” schedule…an important piece of information that is nowhere to be found on any of the train/bus/travel websites!

so, what is a “near normal” schedule?? i think i get it. train drivers are very powerful (not like nurses) they strike, have slowdowns, walkouts and pretty much work when they want. i have heard trains being cancelled because they don’t have enough crew. so they don’t work the fun holidays like christmas, new years and easter…but a piddly little early may bank holiday you can bet they will be working and making mega ££. so, basically it’s a normal schedule, unless they don’t have enough crew then they just cancel/skip that train. very inconvenient for people who HAVE to be someplace at a SPECIFIC TIME!!!!

the result? a walk to the train into town, jog to the other train station 2nd train out and a walk across solihull to his school later…james got there at 8:55, sat down, was told to read the passage and start the test…lucky english is his easy subject!

after that frantic start, i crawled back  to bed and slept…sleep soundly in the cool overcast weather…lots of dreams and feeling very good tonight as i head off for my nightshift.

tomorrow it’s off to check out those fancy phones in town…

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