the missing certificates

this is probably so confusing that i can’t explain it…because i still don’t know who to blame. it’s just another glaring example of what happens when you don’t know “the system”.

james finished his required education 2 years ago, GCSE’s, at the very nice, posh and prestigious abbey college.

they sent us a letter in octoberish 2007 that his “results” needed to be picked up, which james promptly picked up in june 2008….

they gave him a white envelope and he signed his name saying he’d picked up his “official” results.

fast forward to 2009, his american credit evaluation agent says his results are “provisional” and “not official”

they (abbey college) do amazingly have his english results…but math, biology, chemistry,physics and business??? gone missing~~~

at the end of the day…i will have to pay at least £17 each for replacements

who’s to blame??? dunno….just another one of those things i didn’t know~~~

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