goin’ to guernsey

well, i didn’t go to oxford last week…i was feeling really pressured by the headhunter agency. after months of hearing nothing~~ all of a sudden she was calling me all the time, asking when i could start working there, etc. i know when i am being railroaded…so i blew her off with a very politely worded email~~ telling her basically to fuck off.

but i am planning to take a little interview trip to guernsey, they are paying for the one hour flight. it appeals to my adventurous side…so it’s on for 29th may. i’ll be looking into all the information about it, like this tourist site~~ they sure make it look good!!

we’ll see what happens…

the tacko arrived today~~~~pics to follow

4 thoughts on “goin’ to guernsey

  1. Oooh, fantastic!! And I’m not talking about the interview, although I’m glad you get to do that and they’re paying for the flight!

    You should have a little time to look around before or after your interview…enjoy looking at the tourist sites. The middle photo you posted above? The sea, and all that? That’s just what it looked like when we flew over – aqua sea, white sands…

  2. Small planes aside…looks worth it with that view….could be like the rest of England…a rare day when the skies were actually free of gray clouds. Wonder how long they waited….?

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