no excuses

i just realized that i only have one night shift over the next 7 days…we are “fully” staffed so there are no extra shifts. it’s good and bad because i could use some extra cash but i also have a looooong to do list.

including but not limited to:

  • general cleaning
  • sorting through no less than three separate piles of papers/mail
  • sorting and clearing an assortment of tables and dressers
  • major tidying in the back garden (weather permitting)
  • phone calls about james exams, phones etc.

nothing very exciting really which is where motivation becomes key…and as i am sitting here typing and generally looking at useless information it’s obvious that this is going to be a struggle!

i actually have plenty of time to do some glass work…

gotta get moving…

really…i’m going to start right now…

well, maybe after another email….

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