international NO DIET day

rose wanted me to post this… problem….it was 6 may

international NO DIET day!!!

but the intention and concept are valid 365 days a year!

It’s International No Diet Day!




The day began in 1992 when Mary Evans Young, a British feminist, decided something needed to be done about eating disorders and the huge diet industry.

The point is to raise awareness of fat-phobia and size discrimination; fight the idea of the ‘’right’’ or ‘’ideal’’ body shape; fight the diet industry; and honor the victims of eating disorders and weight loss surgery.

The blog Body Love Wellness has a post listing 16 reasons not to diet (ever). Some include:
-Diets have a 90-99% long-term failure rate.
-The diet industry has a deep interest in the failure of dieters – if everyone got skinny, they’d go out of business.
-Dieting gives dieters the message that they cannot trust their internal sense of what nourishes them.
-Food often becomes about reward and punishment for dieters.
-The diet system reinforces low self-esteem in dieters.
-Diets cause a lot of body hatred.
-Diets often categorize foods as good/okay vs. bad/forbidden
-The weight loss/gain (yo-yo) cycle created by dieting is more stressful on the body than just being plain old fat.
-Diets assume that all fat people eat too much. They don’t account for the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes, and that a person’s weight is not an indicator of overall health.

This comes at a good time, since we just learned that HydroxyCut causes liver damage and death. So stop the insanity, stop the madness and stop the dieting! Start loving yourself and everyone else for the unique and beautiful body they have, whether or not it fits a pre-described norm.-Liza

3 thoughts on “international NO DIET day

  1. I hope the author of the blog doesn’t mind that I’ve pasted in the following paragraph:

    ‘As a health counselor, I don’t like to take anything away, but instead, add in great things. So today, I want you to check in with yourself and eat what you want. I want you to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. I want you to move your body only in the most delicious ways that feel good.’

    We’ve read/seen this advice before, given in a number of different ways, but most recently in a TV program that was on around the 1st of the year – remember, Maria?

    I can’t think of much better advice. Although the ‘delicious’ ways I moved my body in the garden last weekend didn’t feel all that good!! 🙂 But, I’ve been following the rest of that advice fairly successfully for more than four months now. And when I say ‘fairly successfully’, I don’t mean I’ve lost a lot of weight, I just mean I feel good, I enjoy the food, and I’m not concerned about ‘running off the rails’ nor even about weight gain or weight loss (not that I was truly tearing my hair out about it). I’m just happy to be healthy.

  2. I dont think it says on here, but this article comes from my favorite magazine called, BUST: for women with something to get off their chest.
    there is an online version

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