getting back to where i started

i checked out the “new” research position~~lo and behold, professor  B came through the unit and gave me a pat on the back (while we were huddled having a laugh, no less) so… in an effort to regain some self respect i approached him and asked if he had few minutes to speak to me about it… of course he would, he’d catch me after he went to observe an autopsy….

i was having lunch when he comes in and sits down next to me at the big lunch table we have. there were a few others there and we were chatting about shopping…the prof, trying to fit in and be one of the gang says…he only likes to shop for books, wine and cheese…

it’s weird to see someone so ridiculously proper, polite and mannered struggle just like the rest of us in social settings. he is so genuine and sincere and slightly comical with his big busshy eyebrows and bowties that everyone seems to warm to him though. after a bit of small talk with the group and a few people leaving, he says almost under his breath in a clandestine way…aaactuuaaally, there are threeeee posts

after 10 minutes of his calm, soothing voice complete with long pauses while he chooses just the right words, occasional raised eyebrows, a very firmly controlled smile and a nod~~ filled with information and his encouragement~~i am ready to apply for the position

i think i wrote a while ago during one of my other interviewing episodes that i feel like  square peg in a round hole. i feel that they keep me down by asking me for qualifications and certificates that they know i don’t have rather than asking me for what i do have! prof B is the only person who has sat down with me face to face, with my extensive CV/resume and discussed my wealth of experience. he is very supportive of all the staff and  champions high standards which i really admire…i just don’t know why the nursing management/administration can’t do the same thing?

a british nurse came in just as prof was leaving, i was reading/studying the job description~~~ we talked about my previous attempt and how i feel grateful that the professor has taken an interest in my professional development.

she said something that sounded like “they would be lucky to have you”~~~ i was sure i didn’t catch that right because she was chewing or something so i said what?…and she repeated it very clearly…

~~they should consider themselves lucky to have you~~

that was really one of the nicest, unsolicited compliments any of these british nurses has given me in 6 years…thanks helen!

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