on the other side for once

i worked yesterday, i swapped shifts with someone and spent most of the day wishing i hadn’t because it was bright and sunny (and chilly) all day and even worse it may be the last sunny day of the week. the BBC weather is predicting rain but amazingly they’ve been doing that a lot lately and been wrong! it’s like they just say it out of habit…but then i say the forecast is always the same here…partly cloudy with a chance of rain!

work was good yesterday…really pleasant! worked with my friend who is pregnant (congrats kim!) and two other nurses who are just a hoot! we laughed sooo hard, the big topic is what the manager is doing on her year off?? anyone want to venture a guess???

our patients were uneventful and stable so we had lots of time to gossip…the busy nurse for once was the band 7/navy blue!! we all pitched in as needed but didn’t feel guilty sitting down and having a good laugh…do they feel guilty or go out of their way to help us when we are busy and stressed??

my patient was an irish gentleman, sad history of rectal cancer, non healing wound and respiratory failure. now i get the thing about irish people having the “gift of the gab” this man would not shut up!! even when he was struggling to breath and i was putting various masks on his face, he just keeping chattering away…. more than once i had to say..patrick, please stop talking and concentrate on your breathing!!!

i couldn’t understand him and he thought i was was irish… but we sorted that out when i told him i was from chicago and he liked that my maiden name was boyle…we “bonded”

because of the masks most of what he said sounded muffled… to get the effect put your hand over your mouth when you talk or watch this

everyone who talked to him said the same thing to me…you know i can’t understand a word your patient says!! most of it revolved around wanting a drink of water…

he was really sweet old man with one of my “top 5 diseases i don’t want to get”

today is his 73rd birthday! happy birthday patrick!

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