i’ve worked two nights…quite a few of the “new starters” working….young nurses. i joked to them that i’m sure they requested a friday night shift..4 sets of rolling eyes~Noooooo!!!! they were not a happy bunch! thursday night i was a team leader so i expect to get lots of questions but last night i was not the team leader and i still got lots and lots of questions. i don’t mind, in fact it is nice to feel that they feel comfortable to ask me questions. i hear them saying …traaaacy~ can i ask you a question?~with a puzzled look on their face. for the most part i think they are doing well and will make good ITU nurses and when i am long gone i hope they remember that someone was nice to them when they were new and clueless!

there is huge and i mean HUGE gossip about my managers upcoming “secret” one year leave. it’s secret in the sense that it has only formally been announced to a handful of top nurses but “not secret” because everyone including the cleaners and the spiders in the cupboard know about it!! there is a natural curiosity about what she is up to but now it has gotten mean and ugly and she has nobody to blame but herself. when you treat about a hundred professional nurses like idiots/children/unimportant peasants ~~ you can only expect them to want burn you at the stake! there is an email that she sent to her secret circle that is now posted on a prominant bulletin board and i haven’t spoken to anyone who isn’t insulted at her handling of this. hey if you want to take a year off~ fine~ enjoy~ good for you~ but your staff want to be considered important enough to be informed of it, when it will take palce and who will be taking over. it has been suggested that we make a very big, warm congratulatory gesture to the nurse taking over saying how much we look forward to working with her as a team!! have i ever mentioned nurses are evil??

ah, then rounders…the british version of baseball…because you know they invented it….

one of the nilitary nurses is organizing a competition between the 4 ITU’s at my hospital. you know the one that has this plastered on everything…

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust is recognised as one of the leading NHS foundation trusts in the UK.

With an annual turnover in excess of £425 million, 6900 staff caring for half a million patients a year and a £545 million state of the art new hospital due to open in 2010, there’s never been a more exciting time to join this Trust.

they wish they could tatoo that on every employee!

so…. in july we will have a rounders day. i only wish i wasn’t so old and so fat!! my friend betty has talked me into signing up, she is the captain and it sounds like a lot of fun !!! right up my big, fat, american ass alley!! i think i’ll end up being in charge of the photo/refreshments team but i am sooo happy they are having an outdoor, family day.

woo hoooo!!!! go N3CC!!!!

now if only the weather will cooperate!!!

2 thoughts on “rounders

  1. 1. what does the email that was posted on the bulletin say exactly?
    2 arent you going to remind all the nurses that you were a softball champ?

  2. 1. if i said what was in the email that would be gossip….i don’t like to gossip…
    (i’ll tell you later)
    2. it’s just like my professional life, i could have been the american champion softball player of 1980…this isn’t softball this is “ROUNDERS”and they invented it!!

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