old birmingham

i regularly check out birmingham, it’s not shit. it’s actually a really good site and yes it does remind me that birmingham is not always shit…

recently found this link to some old postcards of birmingham….

check it out and when you finish looking at those lovely images  you can always check out my favorite birmingham song….

4 thoughts on “old birmingham

  1. I really like BINS too – did you catch Karen Strunk’s most recent Friday picture? Next time I go to my favorite shop in the Piccadilly Arcade on New Street, I will remember to look UP!

  2. what is BINS?? and yes I like looking at the OLD stuff.. They have an old map of Erdington on the COOP wall and one of the playgroups has old pictures people have donated of Shorth heath.. as well as the Osbourne learnig centre collects old pictures of the school.. Great idea..

  3. I went and looked up today…amazing…not because the mural is so good, but I always thought I was good at looking up – don’t know how I missed this…it jumps right out at you when you know it’s there!

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