one more

james is finishing his exams for his international baccalaurate diploma. the last of 15 exams…over three weeks…in math, english, chemistry, biology, italian and economics.

i know it hasn’t been easy for him, there have been some really dark days for us over the past 6 years but i hope someday he will look back and build on the good parts and forget the bad ones…

james a~~class of 2009~~the sixth form college solihull

i bet the girls in chicago will love his brum accent…

One thought on “one more

  1. aahhh! I hope so, too. I think eventualy you do.. just cut your folks some slack.. They did the best they could with what they had and knew.. we do love them deep down..some days it’s easier than others.. You rock, girly! My folks would have never given me money to go out and blow it on friends for my birthday..not to mention a trip>>?? hello??!

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