i made a mistake

i thought this would bloom …

avacodo 007

into something like this…

i was wrong…i forgot about the lovely yellow irises that i planted…they are coming back bigger and better everytime!!!


the weather here has been..wellll….changeable to say the least. the last 4 days have been a mix of pouring rain and sunny skies~~~ all within the space of 10 minutes!!! this afternoon has been a little more on the sunny side and less on the rainy side so i got some work done in the back garden…i have soooo many plants in full bud…clematis, wisteria and roses…all with big fat bulging buds…we need is some nice warm sun!!!

2 thoughts on “i made a mistake

  1. Some nice warm sun, coming right up!

    I agree with you, we could use that. I’m amazed at my plants, however. They are nothing like yours, most have only been in the ground for three weeks and they’re all annuals, but I’m so surprised to see some of them blooming and some of them getting buds! Now, if I can just keep the slugs under control!

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