not a cloud in the sky

that was yesterday….absolutely perfect weather. warm, 70’s…light breeze… and blue sky!! today?? just the opposite, cloudy sky and not a glimpse of the sun. my garden is looking pretty good, i mowed the lawn and hope to tidy up the borders today. the ground is really dry…yes, i said DRY!! usually this time of year i’m squishing around dodging these little fellasPhoto0014

yep they are nowhere to be seen, my plants are not being devoured and even though i have to water some of the plants…tracya is a very happy gardening bunny!!!

james finally found the motivation to start packing his things yesterday…he seems to be doing alot of deep thinking. it must be scary for him to go back. he has had a pretty insulated life here. i had a quick chat online with his friend since he was about 3 years old. i told him he’d be back for good next week…brendan said “finally”.

but things are never quite how you left them…these kids have changed alot in 6 years, gone from kids to adults. heck they are shaving (or not in james case)!!! and the girls have changed too! i’m going to miss him alot but i know it’s best for him to get back to the “real” world and back to his friends and family.

our BBQ turned out really nice~~good food, great company!!! i can’t remember actually cooking on a BBQ myself before but it was fun and the food was cooked but not burnt!! well done, me!!

i am lovin the tacko! getting lots of cool..well, interesting…well, interesting to my mom…photos. here’s some from late last night after the BBQ. one of the best things about england in the summer it stays light so late. i took these pics at 945 PM last night and the sky in the background is still light.

here’s a lantern i made few years ago…planning to make some mirrored things for the garden.Photo0033



2 thoughts on “not a cloud in the sky

  1. the late light nights was one of my favorite things about the UK as well!! can you make me little lanterns for my garden. Youve only seen it in winter, so maybe i should send you some pics…

  2. Ummm, those little devils are in my garden! 😉

    Best of luck to James – don’t blame him for doing some thinking – after all, he’s going to a new life, not the one he left behind – I hope he’s excited, because it is going to be exciting!

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