avoiding the big stuff

yes, i am avoiding and trying not to think about james leaving…it’s set for monday morning. i’ve made arrangements for a friend to come to work an hour early so i can zip into town to meet him on his way to birmingham airport for one last hug…

i expect a scene like this

james said don’t you dare…

actually i am happy for him, i know it’s what he’s wanted for about 5 years and 11 months…but it’s the uncertainty of when i’ll see him again. definitely at roses wedding…if she ever picks a date

i also dread the phone calls…from rose complaining about him…from him complaining about her…for money…for more money….

we are having a BBQ tonight…me and james!

3 thoughts on “avoiding the big stuff

  1. Dear James,

    I wish you all the best on what will be, I’m sure, a very exciting future!

    Have a safe trip back and a wonderful summer! I’m sure your mom will keep us updated on what is going on with you in the future.


  2. ssso sweet!! I think we’ll miss him too.. his many looks as well :-)) please keep us updated on him and his new adventures!! this is a great time in his life.. i bet it feels great for him to see Kansas from here!! 😉

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