funny and sad

it’s really funny to see the brits coping with the current “heatwave”. it’s supposed to be about 22C today that’s about 72F…not exactly sweltering.

England – West Midlands

West Midlands Forecast


Dry and warm with plenty of sunshine.


A fine, dry and warm day across all areas with largely clear skies giving plenty of strong sunshine. A slightly fresher feel compared to Friday. Light to moderate east to south-easterly winds. Maximum temperature 22 deg C (72 deg F).


A dry and sunny evening giving a pleasant end to the day and then remaining dry overnight with generally clear skies. Light to moderate east to north-easterly winds. Minimum temperature 9 deg C (48 deg F).


Another dry day across all areas with plenty of sunshine, this generally unbroken during the morning, although there is likely to be some patchy cloud around in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 24 deg C (75 deg F).

yesterday i heard it got up to 26C which would push it closer to 80F…still not exactly a heat wave by chicago standards.

but people were struggling…..getting out all that pale, pasty skin.

most people don’t seem to enjoy it at all, they walk around with a pained expression on their faces….and it doesn’t help that most places don’t have A/C.

i spent the day out and about yesterday, we had lunch at a chinese place and it was pretty uncomfortable…

one hint: there is a reason why people have drinks with lots of ice in the summertime!!!

okay, that’s the funny part, the sad part??

i’m one of them now!

3 thoughts on “funny and sad

  1. oh so funny! i lived in england as a kid (8 to 10 years old), and my parents lived there for a couple of years when i was in my 20’s and i know exactly what you mean! i think a lot of it has to do with old buildings not having internal climate controls…. and the cold, damp weather most of the year. although i do remember amazing hail thunderstorms in the summer…

    enjoy the heatwave 🙂

  2. I managed to get sunburned today with no effort at all…since this isn’t Chicago (or Wisconsin for that matter), I often forget to get out of the sun, since it doesn’t SEEM that hot…what a beautiful day it’s been!

  3. it has been great!! but yes.. there s breeze so that helps… dd and dh are melting!! i have to remember to dress her down… i agree with lyn… no a/c or even windows with screens that OPEN!!

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