i’ve learned a lot about the attention span of the average blog reader…and it ain’t long! it happens to me… somebody starts to drone on about something or posts boring pictures of avocado pits in glasses of water and it’s just soooo easy to click to something else…

so i thought it was interesting that nobody commented on my avocado pit/child analogy here…okay after the the pics….scroll down, more…after this pic

the two friends side by side…

this actually reminds me of kids…well, babies…i know lots of moms who are o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with the progress their kids are making…or not making.  actually kids are like these little avacodo pits…they sat there for months doing nothing but obviously something was going on inside them because one day one started to sprout and now a month or so later the other one has.  they are growing at different rates but at the end of the summer you won’t be able to tell the difference between them.

just like people…i always say…we don’t walk around with a label that says

i walked at 9 months

i walked at 15 months

i was a home water birth

i was an emergency c  section

i could count to ten when i was 2

i didn’t talk til i was 2

and nobody can tell the difference now!!

4 thoughts on “ahem…

  1. I thought it was a good analogy but didn’t really have anything else to add. 😉

    Thinking about you today, and hope thinks are going ok…safe trip home for James.

  2. I agree! maybe we should!! so when did you walk?? talk?? I was the biggest weighing baby in my family of all generations to date.. but seriously.. I know what you mean (in my head) and I think NOW i’m kind of starting to ‘get it’..but still I worry bceuase people say stuff and then they say but cleft kids are different.. and I think wwwhhhhaaa??? 8)

  3. funny — i thought of your analogy about all the stuff building up and buzzing around inside me at this time of my life, and the friends and family who say i need to “act”. there is stuff going on — just not visible yet! i didn’t think about babies…. i thought about my own “re-birth”.

    and so true — i remember those stages with my kids — they are young still and i watch them with fascination….. bursts of growth followed by periods of rest. very cool.

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