don’t expect too much from me…

i took james to the airport this morning after a night shift…had a good mom’s cry at the airport and fought back the tears most of the way home. i have two more night shifts so i will be a tired, raw bundle of emotions for quite a few days.

i knew this was coming for ages but it’s only when i walked in and saw so much of his stuff gone that even though it still feels like he is just at school, i know he won’t be here when i come home tomorrow….or the next day…

when i left him at the airport i felt every single time i have walked away from my mom to catch a plane, train or automobile all at once…it was not nice.

he was calm and cool and telling me everything would be okay but i know a chapter has ended and for the first time in 28 years i don’t have a child living with me.

he’s landed at newark new jersey and should be catching his flight to chicago soon.

i’m just really tired and wishing i didn’t have to go to work…i’ll be fine…..

4 thoughts on “don’t expect too much from me…

  1. tracy, a big hug from across the atlantic. it must be so hard! i cannot imagine the day when my kids will no longer be part of the daily rhythm of my home…. and yet i remember being the one leaving, and how i could not wait to get away 🙂

    i hope the next few days are not too demanding and that you have the time to be kind to yourself.


  2. hugs to you and the coolest mom in Northfield!! work and sleep..and when you are ready to come out of hibernation we’ll be here.. X M

  3. thanks, still a bit teary at times…like when i was in the co-op buying milk. had to switch from the big two liter whole milk that james likes for his cereal to the little old lady one pint of low fat milk for my coffee….

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