the day after success

i was feeling a little stunned, wondering if i had imagined being told they would like to offer me the job…i worked last night and felt nervous about telling people but slowly i told a few people and this morning the nurse that did some of the questioning came up to me and congratulated me!! i asked her how she thought i did during the interview and she said i could have been a bit more in depth on some things but everyone does that. i hate to rattle on and realize i am completely on some other topic and didn’t even answer the question!!

i have also recieved at least four emails that make it very clear i am in…

Dear Peter, Annette, Gowri, Vivian and Pamela,

I am pleased to tell you that we appointed Tracy A*****i to the NPSA-MM research nurse post today.  Tracy has 14 years of critical care experience, ten of which were acquired in the USA where she trained, before coming to England to take up her current position as a staff nurse.  She would like to develop research capabilities.  She should be able to take up this appointment in one month.  I will be meeting with her soon to bring her up to speed with her role in the project, and involve her in completing the protocol.

i am soooo impressed that prof B has managed to spell both my first and last name correctly in all his emails!!!! i find that very professional.

i also was contacted by the bosses PA to set up an initial meeting, 26th june…

i can’t tell you how relxed and happy i am this afternoon…sitting in the garden, in the sun, watching the cats work on their mission to rid the world of butterflies….

james has started his job in chicago, matt is visiting…i am waiting for photos of them all together.

just a note: i am somewhat limited in my online content…mr a has switched to his computer because this is the football dry season and he was unable to top up his footie fix levels by playing football manager on mine. so i can’t download pics at the moment…but i will be fixing that soon.

mr a is probably happier than me that i got the job…he doesn’t have to listen to me complain anymore!!!!!

3 thoughts on “the day after success

  1. not fast enough! my manager says i have to work the full 30 days and HR says i need a new CRB!!! (police backround check)
    i said even though i already work there??? yep!
    i did get two other welcome emails from other members of the team so that was nice…..

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