when wednesday feels like sunday

after days of quite nice sunny weather, it’s gone a bit cool, cloudy and windy here….a good excuse for not mowing the lawn! i did walk up to northfield, a good hour there and back. i should have brought the tacko…missed lots of opportunities for interesting pics! i left my phone (the tacko) at home because i like to remember the good old days…when a person could be unavailable.

i forgot to mention that the new job is linked to a MSc degree, meaning the research project will serve as a basis for a thesis. i’ll have to do some associated research/advanced nursing courses but at the end of the 2 years i should have a master’s degree!

the bad part is i have to work for in my current job for 30 more days…lots of nights and weekends, at least there is an end in sight.

i am enjoying a nice quiet day, the cats have settled down…in fact jack has become quite fond of Cleo’s old spot on my bed. james has started his new first job back in chicago. my darling children got the cookies i sent although i have yet to get a thank you or photos as i requested….

it seems like the last 2-3 weeks has been a complete upheaval for me, in a good way~~~ i’m still finding it hard to cope. i have i saying on my wall about the fork in the road…it has two signs “your life” and “no longer an option”. this has definitely been my life this month and no matter how good it is, no matter how long i’ve waited for these good things~~i still feel the loss of those other options, i feel doors slamming shut behind me, i feel scared.

my plan for this afternoon is to sort through james room, he left all kinds of things…clothes, posters, books, papers, little league trophies. i’ll pack it up for some day in the future when i can send it to him. having a kid around is one of the options i miss…

One thought on “when wednesday feels like sunday

  1. great point about the options no longer available to you..I think that has to do with the huge amount of loss I always seem to feel.. I can’t be in the present.. or maybe the present is too daunting and the future too scary..

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