the missing piece

needless to say i am missing the gang back home…missed a BBQ at rose’s last weekend…but got some pics and they all look great!!! nope not gonna cry…

pretty in pink

pretty in pink

my mom, grandma, gma….with my nephew campbell, who’s looking spookily like his dad….my little brother!!

the three little piggies

the three little piggies


they are getting old enough to know that throwing a cute little kid in front is so much fun!

nope, not gonna cry…sniff, sniff….just have something in my eye….

2 thoughts on “the missing piece

  1. tracy, could you send my and Campbell’s picture to Marc, he can’t seem to get your blog in China…..thanks for the nice comment, I’m beginning to think my “pretty” days are almost over. I feel that I fit the “looks good for her age” or “not bad for 74″…..but that’s alright too….beats, no comment at all. I am so happy about your new job, stove and ofcourse, your new housemates. Everything looks good to me, I’ll have to send you sun glasses…..cause you dark days are over… you and miss you too….

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