i’m turning blue…navy blue

this morning after my night shift, i went to the recruitment centre to fill out/sign some papers for my new job. right now i quite happily wear a royal blue uniform but i will be getting a new uniform, navy blue. i will be crossing over to the navy side!  i received a packet of 6, yes, SIX pages outlining the hospital’s uniform policy. in this country, your uniform is everything!

with that uniform i will also be called “sister”…originating from the convent, nun type sister~ because in this country being a nurse, no matter how highly educated and experienced~ nursing is considered a vocation! i almost choked the first time i heard that, in the US nursing is considered a profession. i will gag every time someones calls me “sister” and i certainly will not be answering the phone or referring to myself (with great enthusiasm, as some of my young ambitious co workers do ) as “sister A”. nope, i plan to stay good old tracya~~

i also found out that another nurse who works for the same professor on another project does most of her work at home…cooool!

i will be working like a dog… a dog with a vocation, over the next few weeks. i can see the light though, i am really looking forward to stressing my brain instead of my feet, my back and my nose. testing my ability think instead of my ability to hold down my food when faced with every conceivable body fluid and my ability to stay awake at night~~~

one of my friends at work, who like me has had 1001 interviews, also interviewed and got a job in research, it’s nice to know i will have someone to call if i get stuck!

7 thoughts on “i’m turning blue…navy blue

  1. My husband and I were just discussing this uniform color thing yesterday during a visit to Treliske the largest hospital closest to us which is located in Truro. He did a fairly good job explaining the color thing, but neither of us could decide what you call a male nurse if a female is called sister.

    He also asked where does the title “staff nurse” come into play?

    Can you help us out with this?

  2. nursing here is full of heirachy. when i first came there was a grade system. nurse auxillaries/aides were A grade…newly qualified nurses were D grade…experienced staff nurses were E grade and the big jump to sisterhood was F grade…on up to G grade and H grade was a nurse manager.

    scrap that! in 2004 they went to a band system….nurse aux are now band 3, new nurses are band 5. there is a huge discrepency though around band 6 nurses…at some places the experienced staff nurses are band 6 and others they are sisters, in fact it is soo controversial that at my hospital where i was an E grade i am a plain band 6…where old F grade sisters are called band 6* (band 6 star, they have no imagination here!)

    confused??? i think that is the idea, but my new position is a band 7 so scarily enough i will be a sister.

    most male band 6*/band seven call themselves “charge nurse” but of course there are charge nurses and junior charge nurses…….

  3. the new job is at the QE also…the question is when i am working at home will i put on my blue uniform and make jack and cleo call me “sister”!!???!!

  4. My DH is a male nurse, he just calls himself a staff nurse and the patients all call him ‘nurse’.

    He’s heard they’re getting new uniforms, too – can’t wait! He’s been wearing the same 5 for more than 3 years now, and he’s now down to 4 since he had a black ink leak all over one last week…but he’ll have to wait for whenever the new uniforms are available…

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