happy father’s day to me?

i hope rose and james don’t mind me posting this card they sent me yesterday. it was really nice to get after my long day at work.


Dear mom,

happy fathers day!! smooches to the best mom and pop team around!

rose & james

 thanks guys!

 i am so tired…i just counted and i have switched back and forth between days and nights 4 times in the past two weeks…it’s warm and muggy here and i have a banging headache…i wonder why???

One thought on “happy father’s day to me?

  1. That is a most wonderful card, and it made me once again so proud of you both. I want to Thank You too, for making my GREAT daughter so honored and appreciated. I feel as you do, and like you, I only want the best for her, wherever she is, she is always in my thoughts. I just want her to be safe, well and happy. LOL to Rose and James….Grandma

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