slug patrol

i have a new plant with a common name of red hot poker…it’s supposed to look like this400px-Kniphofia02

mine has a bud…it has a promise of looking like that if, IF i can keep the slugs and/or snails away!!!


see the bud?? see where those blasted molluscans have eaten through another bud stem and nibbled on some leaves??? i’m fresh out of killer chemicals so i am trying the copper method tonight. it all seems hit or miss….once before they devoured a whole new basil plant in one night but they haven’t touched my current new basil plant…i know the beer method works but it’s soooo messy…

how do you think like a snail???

4 thoughts on “slug patrol

  1. Here’s a stupid question – what are you using for copper? Oh, ya, copper! But in what form? It would be nice if I could buy some copper pellets to ‘outline’ my flower beds with!!

  2. i have loads of thick copper wire from my stained glass…don’t know if it is enough to work.
    i’ve also heard about making collar things out of tin cans…cut both top and bottom out a tuna tin and smear them with vaseline so they can’t crawl up….
    think like a smail!!!
    they also devoured my clematis last year but this year it is blooming like crazy….go figure!!!

  3. Thanks, Tracy, for the good suggestions! I’d just seen some copper plants rings in a magazine for the purpose of keeping off the snails and slugs and they were expensive!!

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