going to london…

to visit the queen  the npsa. i’ve been invited to my first meeting in london for my new job…how cool is that?? and prof b’s PA will be making the travel arrangments!!!

back to the slug problem…the bucket worked but of course it doesn’t let any sun in, i asked a keen gardner at work what she does…poison pellets!! she said she has a hedgehog that eats them…wonder where i can get a hedgehog?

if you have heard about the heatwave in england…believe every word!!! the amazing part is that even though it is well into the 80’s here, i still don’t have a fan! this house is made of concrete and is like a giant fridge…which is also why it is so cold in the winter. sometimes it is colder inside than outside.

anyway, i’m in the middle of working nights……only four more night shifts to go!!!!!

2 thoughts on “going to london…

  1. Hope you get to have a little fun and that they treat you like royalty while your in London. Also…I asked John what he uses to get rid of slugs and he said the blue slug pellets from Asda work for him.

    Lastly, you’d asked about the care Michael received in the hospital. He was in Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske and everyone in the family thought all of the medical staff( Nursing & Drs. ) did a great job with each shift in his condition. I had a chance to speak with one physician who called us at home to provide an update. We actually had a few calls from the physicians and one at least from one of Michael’s nurses.

    I was impressed.

  2. My young nephew used to catch all the slugs, put them in a bottle and freeze them to death in the freezer, less messy than crushing them or poisoning them!

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