this is better than cleaning SH*T!!

that’s my new motto…i love being a nurse, a real bedside nurse but some of the things we have to do are just plain yucky and disgusting…real gag inducing stuff!

yesterday i got an email “inviting” me to a meeting in london…my new bosses PA has since made travel arrangements for me to go from birmingham to london…on the train…first class!

 i’m sure the only reason it’s first class is because i will be traveling with my boss. when i have to go on my own i’ll probably be told to buy a bus ticket!

today i got this email related to the meeting

Dear All

The forthcoming Matching Michigan Core Group meeting will be taking place on the 17th of July from 13:30pm – 16:30pm at the Wellcome Centre Trust,  London, Lunch will be available from 12.30pm.

Please find attached the agenda and documents relating to matters under point 6 of the agenda, which will be discussed at the meeting. I have also attached minutes of the previous Core Group meeting held in March.

I would be grateful if you could confirm your attendance to the meeting. If you will like to attend the meeting, but cannot do so in person and wish to dial in, please coontact me.

those that know me probably know that i have never had a job that included meetings….let alone bi monthly meetings with lunch that required me to get there by a first class train ride~~~

like i said, this is better than cleaning SH^T!!!!

my gratitude and appreciation for this job can’t be overemphasized. i am increasingly feeling like all the waiting, all the hard work i have put into my career has finally been rewarded. i didn’t fall into this job by any stretch of the imagination…but i do deserve it…and that is sweet!!


7 thoughts on “this is better than cleaning SH*T!!

  1. Maybe this is one of those things I’ve been trying to say about why I like my job (it’s better than cleaning sh*t!!) – I’m in the first job I’ve ever had where I’m treated like my opinion and thoughts count (most of the time), I’m consulted, I’m expected to attend meetings and have input – I’ve even got to travel by train and sometimes spend the night in a hotel!

    It really DOES make you feel like you are a part of something bigger and more worthwhile…and I’m ‘just’ a casework assistant, not something going into a research project! (Although we are reminded at work never to refer to ourselves as ‘just’ – it reflects the whole ethos of the organisation that it can’t function unless everyone feels valued and values themselves.)

    Exciting and interesting times coming up for you! Looking forward to hearing all about it as you go along…

  2. i think in time i will miss the patients because at heart i am a dedicated bedside nurse…
    but today on my first official day~~planning my time and sitting in that quiet library~~


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