doing alot of nothing

i have had a relaxing 4th…listened to wxrt and may go back again…for atmosphere.

been puttering, trimming, cutting back the garden…

the joy of my day???

dark orange day lily

dark orange day lily

in the states, we have these, the lighter orange colour, growing like weeds…next year i’ll put this in the ground…fingers crossed!!!

4 thoughts on “doing alot of nothing

  1. i def remember the damage that squirrels can do!!
    i love lillies though sometimes more than roses. i will be coddling this one along til next year and then building an electric slug fence when i plant it out!!!

  2. Some years ago, a friend had planted snowdrops in her garden, Her dear father, unwittingly pulled them all out, thinking they were weeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I thought I was doing well with both lilies…I even had a big green leaf on the one…but when I came back from TN all there was left was 2 pots of dirt. Makes me mad because other pple around here have lilies all over the place…but to be fair theirs are in the front of the apartment and not the back…so I am going to try that next time. I have some kind of weird looking lily bulbs I was going to plant but they weren’t exactly cheap and I am scared the squirrels will eat them too. 😦

    My pansies, however, are awesome. LOL

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