missing maria

it’s been about 10 days since my american friend maria and her cute little girl catherine moved back to the states~~~for good. it’s not my place to summerize her expat experience, that is her story. i can only say that i will miss meeting her in town, holeing up in whatever corner we could find to prop each other up, to reassure each other that it wasn’t us…it was them…. to compare notes, to speak our own language, to share our trivia and nuances.

 i know that i was able to help her out when cate was young but what she may not realize is that i needed to be helpful, i needed to have a purpose in my life. i was soooo close to giving up, so beaten down by my immigration status.

seeing cate in the last few months has been such a joy!! what a transformation!! from a tiny little girl with a cleft and feeding problems to an active, bright, cheeky toddler pointing at me, saying tracy!

there are people who come into our lives at just the right time…and i think maria would agree that is how it is for us~~

i have never been to the southwest of the US…now i have a friend in arizona…a really good friend!!!

maria and cate in birmingham

maria and cate's last day in birmingham

3 thoughts on “missing maria

  1. I agree with what you’ve said wholeheartedly.

    When I met Maria, she’d been in the UK about a year, me – just over a month. I like to think I didn’t have any problems settling in, but I actually give Maria a lot of credit for that. If I hadn’t had her at the very beginning to commiserate with (and, let’s face it, I could explain a lot of things to her about living in the UK), I don’t think it would have been as easy for me. So, when she says I helped to make it easier for her, I can only say it was tit for tat.

    She’s supposed to be getting her internet hooked up today!

  2. Ok ladies.. J left today ater missing his flight last night.. To say I cried when I read this post is an understatement..I think i ‘wept openly’.. miss you ‘girlfriends’ in a huge way. I framed the picture of us three from Cate’s 1st birthday.. yes, she does tell me who is tracy and who is Julie.. -)).. Thank you T for the write up.. I feel the SAME. Way.. you ladies kept me feeling normal and sane in so many dark times.. I miss that ‘they get me’.. feeling I always sighed after a meetup.. and thank you for NOT posting a closeup picture,.. it does feel weird to see yourself in a ‘crowd’.. words fail me right now at what and how I feel ….hugs to you ladies though.. always..

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