i have a desk!

yesterday at work i had two brief meetings with my new boss. he has started giving me an idea of what my day to day activities will be…which he told me is “largely undefined”. every time i talk to him i am both excited and overwhelmed. it’s a whole new kind of work!

he will be giving me several research articles to read over and today i went to the university library to get 2 books about qualitative research in health sciences. he told me about the meeting we will be attending next week, my role is to listen but also to be “courageous” enough to comment on the nurses role. that is tough i don’t like speaking in public and it feels like eveything i say comes out sounding really daft. oh, well…

i saw my desk, it’s on the 5th floor of the hospital where i work now, through a pass only door, down a long corridor, turn right, down another corridor past the the bosses office to the end…i will share the office with 1 or 2 other people on occasion but i should be able to carve out my own space. the room has big windows and i can’t wait to bring a few plants and make a special piece of stained glass!!

we discussed my working hours and i have been assured that i can make my own hours based on the workload…

less than two weeks to go…my back and legs feel better already!!!

3 thoughts on “i have a desk!

  1. What an interesting yet nebulous sounding position you have! Speaking in public is a piece of cake. It’s just like speaking at home only it’s not. You can do it I am SURE!


  2. By the way, I was on the Speech and Debate team in high school. The way I got through my first public speech was to read it off of my cards, doing a hideous half-assed job and then I ran out of the room and forgot about it. It gets easier each time.

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