a free day!

i was supposed to work tomorrow but patient numbers are low and nurse numbers are high=DAY OFF!!!!!

i am glad that i made the effort to get some primer paint and the lovely”chalky downs 3″ to complete the dining room/living room….after only 2 years! i still have a bit of filling and sanding but i think it will all come together by saturday.

a new wood floor and sofa and VOILA!!!

relaxation centrale


i have a few things to complain about…the cool weather, the sporadic rain, the finicky cats….waking up freezing because someone has taken all the blankets…

ooops, zip, not gonna go there…

4 thoughts on “a free day!

  1. Hmmpp! I know another hospital where the nurses are calling in sick (except for DH) and the patient numbers are as usual – no empty beds! But, enjoy!

    Do I hear the word ‘housewarming’ coming up?

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