he’s a keeper

back to being my usual worried self…worried about james poor results, worried about my friends who are struggling, eternally worried about my mom and kids…worried about a weird infected scratch/bug bite on my arm…worried about why i am still having my period at 51 and 4 months old…..

the result?? a night along these lines

if only i was really in france with a girlfriend….

some things cannot be expressed, i’m sorry but i don’t subscribe to the theory that in relationships, it is fair to share/expose/inflict every single thought on the other half. sometimes things blow over, sometimes it’s better to deal with it alone..especially when you are 50-something years old with kids from another relationship…

i can’t say how helpful it was for mr a to just be there…non judgemental and supportive…he is a keeper!!

2 thoughts on “he’s a keeper

  1. did you say wine tasting in france? I can be your new best friend! LOL
    Im so glad you and Mr. A are getting along so well. I personally am tired of rooming with boys…and could really use a glass of vin and some jazzy music too….

  2. On the subject of periods…I feel your pain! lol…although I haven’t had one yet this year!

    On the subject of keepers, you have reminded me that I need to give me keeper some praise at being so good at this. He’s interested in what’s going on with my kids, for instance, but he doesn’t pry and doesn’t get upset (mostly) when he realises I’ve kept him ‘out of the loop’. He does really well for a man who’s never had any kids of his own. I was a little worried about how he’d be with two teenagers in the house for 10 days, but he did pretty well…

    Wine tasting in France sounds good! Don’t worry, be happy!

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