i see a light

you know, the one at the end of the tunnel?? this will be my last week in my current position as a senior staff nurse at a prestigous (?) critical care unit. next week i start a new job as a research nurse. i am getting really excited about my new job.

 first because it is a major step up, it’s a band 7 job…not that it means much to me…but i have had some very enthusiastic congrats from some of the other foreign nurses. yesterday, in particular a south african nurse told me that “they” hate me for getting this job…thinking about it i think i will be the only foreign band 7 nurse. it’s only partly a success though, because i am white. i fall into that category of light skinned blacks like barack obama. i identify with the foreign nurses and feel like one of them but the british nurses often forget and accept me as one of their own…until til i ask for a glass of wader….

i am also excited because it will be much more flexible hours…no nights, no weekends!! woo hoo!!! i will still be working 2 clinical shifts a month but that will be a wlak in the park compared to my schedule this week….

a long day tomorrow…0730-8pm…nights 7.30pm -8am tuesday and wednesday…trip to london friday (def the highlight of my week)  and a night shift saturday night…starting my new job monday morning!!!

i’ve seen my new boss a few times this week and yesterday he downloaded “some” article and reference papers for me to read….i’ve waded through them and estimate it will take about 24 hours non stop to read them in their entirety…we are not talking magazine articles here..we are talking published research journal articles…

but that is my new life!! i am so excited about this project…a big portion is about investigating how you change and improve healthcare workers behavior….it’s not as easy as you think~~~

so if i don’t post much this week it will be because i am just too tired…

5 thoughts on “i see a light

  1. In my old life I used to read and digest Medical Journal articles on a regular basis…generally two or more a week. I had to know them inside and out in order to discuss them intelligently with the medical staff I called on. Once I got past my fear, I found it one of the best parts of my job.

    You’re going to have such a good time….congratulations again.

  2. I’ll look forward to catching up with you in a couple of weeks. Wow, I’m really happy for you – it’s just occurred to me that you won’t be coming into town any more during the week to have lunch! It will be weekend get-togethers from now on!

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