cinderella goes to the ball

tomorrow is my big day…i unofficially start my new job…..with a bang! i am going to london with my boss on a train, first class. this week my new boss caught me and said we will be meeting at the very dull drab 70’s design new street station in birmingham.


we had the following conversation

 he said “do you know new st??” (the train station where i first met mr a)

me: yes

do you know where the ticket machines are?


i’ll meet you there….mmmm….if i’m don’t see you there, over on the side…way over on the far side of the corridor is the first class lounge…i’ll be there.

i have now been included in emails between my new boss and an infection control doctor from work…

my boss wrote~~I am catching the train below, with Tracy, our new research nurse.  Can you join us?






11:10 – birmingham new street 12:34 – london euston Train (VIRGIN TRAINS) Coach: J – Seat: 18A
Coach: J – Seat: 19A 


other doc responded~~I will catch the same train. I seem to be unable to book  a specific seat to I will come and find you in coach J


my boss  wrote~~~Fine – or we may just grab any free 4-seater – shouldn’t be too busy.  May be in third carriage from front.  Alternatively meet in first class lounge on the right before going through the ticket barrier.

oh boy! it looks like i will be going to london with TWO doctors on the train!!

some people have joked that i should whip out a trashy gossip magazine…honestly, i think it will be very interesting and i am really excited!

most people have been really happy for me, it seems like word has only just got to everyone this week. some people have said they are jealous, some say i am brave…only one band 7 made  negative comments implying that even though my boss is pleasant and supportive now i should wait and see what happens when he doesn’t find my work “good enough”. he actually said…wait and see what kind of reference he gives me. i think he is twitched because i will be on his level and that in fact i may learn things about the unit before he does.

anyway, i have started reading some of the articles he’s given me and rather than finding them boring, i am really learning alot and gaining loads of insight into the issues that will be at the core of this project.

i said this is my unofficial start…i still have one more night shift on saturday night!!! as if there couldn’t be any other way to mark the end of 15 years of critical care nursing than working a saturday night shift!!!

i am planning to bake some goodies and some others are bringing food…after that i will seriously work on repairing my body clock and becoming the bright early bird that i was born to be!!!


One thought on “cinderella goes to the ball

  1. Gosh!! that picture of New Stret against teh gray sky really brings me back.. dang!! have a good time.. I just hope they aren’t boring.. iT CAN BE A LONG ride with people you don’t really know.. have fun though..

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