tough day at the office

well, actually it was even if i am still in my pajamas and slippers.

first off, i had computer malfunctions which took a while to sort out and then i just became increasingly frustrated that i can’t find links to the articles i want. stuck with it till about 11am and when i started thinking that i’d made a huge mistake taking this job i took a break…took some books and laid down to try and find some insight to doing a literature search…a break which turned into a nap…with cleo!!

got up after an hour or so and managed to make a breakthrough and i’ve had a really productive afternoon. i still have a few hours of organizing and starting a spreadsheet tonight but that’s easy to do while watching eastenders.

i’m really proud of myself that other than my nap i didn’t get distracted with dishes and what not…

i just got an email that i have an interview for a MSc in Advancing Practice on August 24th. not sure who is going to pay for that but no harm in going through the paperwork.

did i mention i had my first official meeting with my boss?? he is happy with my articles so far…generally a really positive 30 minutes!!  he asked about my kids and mr a’s name…in case he calls he likes to call people by their name.

also, on my last nightshift saturday night…i was sitting at the big desk in the middle (because that’s where my patient was) when i looked up most of the nurses were standing there and the rest looking on from the sides. my friend seb gave a short, sweet few words knowing how i don’t like attention…about how much everyone was going to miss me!! imagine that?? there was a cute handmade card, a bottle of wine and £40 gift cards!!!  wow!

so, now i am off to do dishes and get dressed…maybe~~~~

also, the cats are crazier than ever!!! cleo is definitely not warming up to jack although it doesn’t help that he has invaded almost all of her favorite napping spots…last night she crawled up into a little space on top of the cable box! won’t even go into the food dish drama~~~

4 thoughts on “tough day at the office

  1. You mean, your first day on the job was spent working from home?!! Wow, I’m impressed! Hope the second day goes even better. 🙂

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