weekends off

i’m just getting used to this weekends off thing…the monday>friday work week. yesterday i enjoyed the shortlived (24hours) summer weather trimming and mowing the garden~~thank goodness as i have been rained out all day and spent today admiring my work from the window and doorway.

i did do a few hours work on my spreadsheet, make some “edible” mac n  cheese and wash/soften my navy blue uniform.

my spreadsheet~my first task on my new job…a literature review of central line infections,prevention of central line infections, patient safety and behavior modification. can you guess how many times i have typed those words over the past week??? think in the hundreds~~~

for some reason today i had a bright idea to try to make homemade mac n’ cheese…i’ve never tried it before…probably because i always bought kraft mac n’ cheesekraft_macaroni_cheese

making it never involved more than boiling pasta, butter and an orange powder!! the mac n’cheese i made today was tasty, very unorange but not quite a masterpiece. now i have a goal…to perfect that….

tomorrow i plan to wear my new navy blue uniform. i have an appointment with the microbiology team at 9:15 and i pretty much hate having to think about what i am going to wear so i am going to go with the easy if slightly embarrassing option. i have washed this uniform at least 10 times and today i bought fabric softener…hopefully i won’t see anyone i know!!!

that’s my weekend update!

One thought on “weekends off

  1. ummm, homemade mac’n’cheese… my kids refuse to eat anything but the Kraft variety to my dismay… i used to make this recipe which used the sharpest of cheddars and wine in the white sauce and it was rich and heavenly….

    how nice to have the weekend off — enjoy your week too!

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