my new favourite place

they have a wonderful new bakery type shop in birmingham. lovely breads and pastries…weird thing is the size, literally of a closet. they do the baking out in knowlenear solihull. hopefully it will do well and get a proper shop where you can move around. as it is it’s a bit of pointing and bumping and paying with your arm outstretched with a foot out the door. i’ve tried the olive bread, sun dried tomato bread, ham/cheese pizza…mr a had scones and a peach tart…we have only touched on the total offerings…pics soon!!

the other shop that i am frequenting is the new yankee candle shop off colmore row in the great western arcadegall-32

today whilst shopping for some gifts for friends at work who have given me rides home, i went to the yankee candle shop, the shop worker made some comment about the candles and wanted to tell me about them…..i cut her short and said “i’m american, i already know about them”

a  few minutes later, the manager (?) came out and said…excuse me, did i hear you say you are american??? um, yes…

she went on to say that they had just gotten some candles in “be thankful” and some other autumn scents…they were told they were very popular… all pumpkiny, cinnamony…but….they didn’t get it…..what did i think?

i thought one or two were really nice, very halloweeny and thanksgivingy….. i told her i could understand why it might not translate….she said so it’s an emotional thing?

yep, i guess it is…i had to explain the whole halloween, pumpkin pie, indian corn, change of season, piles of leaves, thanksgiving thing…

the golden question??? so do you have special scent for the fourth of july???? (yeah, sulfur!)

the silver question????? so when is thanksgiving????  (late november)

so, i am the unofficial yankee candle consultant, i offered to bring my other american friends in to give their opinions and she said “oh yes, please do!!!!!”

so maybe the two julies and i will end up at the victorian restaraunt on the 8th???

2 thoughts on “my new favourite place

  1. Yes, please, tell me where this restaurant is?? If the place in Knowle is the one I’m thinking about, I’m the only one in Mr J’s family who hasn’t been to the bakery shop in Knowle, and they all rave about it (in a positive manner!!!!)

    Will be willing to quietly co-consult on Yankee Candles; haven’t been a fan in the past, but will give them a sniff. 😉

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