are they joking?

i admit i haven’t had much to say on immigrations issues lately…now that i am on the safe side of indefinite leave to remain. the question of citizenship for me and james is coming up though…we will both be eligible in october….12 months from the date in our passports. one of the most frustrating things about how they jerked me around and extended the residency period from 4 to 5 years is that james is now 18. he can no longer apply as my dependent and has to apply on his own…he has to take the “life in the UK” test and meet the residency requirements on his own…which is tricky now that he is back in the states. so when i saw this little news story i thought it might be relevant~~~

Immigrant plan rewards return home

Immigrants could speed their progress towards British citizenship – by returning to their home country.

Immigrant plan rewards return home

As part of the proposed points-based system for migrants who want a passport, ministers are considering tougher language and history tests to help integration.

Migrants could be given extra points for their skills, jobs and qualifications, while bad behaviour would cost them points.

But the Government is also looking at giving points to workers who take skills back to their country of origin. If they carry out development work at home it could help their chances of becoming British when they return to the UK.

The Home Office’s own impact assessment warns such a move could actually slow down their adoption of British values and culture. It states: “Encouraging future citizens to spend long periods out of the UK doesn’t aid the process of integration into British life.”

Another measure under consideration would allow migrants to go home and not lose out on time they had been granted to live in the UK.

Their “leave to remain” would be put on hold while they are abroad, and could be restarted at a later date without them having to go through entry checks.

The impact assessment states: “Migrants legally resident in the UK could return home for extended periods and apply a ‘pause’ button on their leave in the UK, meaning they could return to the UK without having to reapply for entry clearance.”

The proposals are intended to encourage “cyclical migration” from the UK to other countries, to help tackle the brain drain of talented workers.

Currently, anyone applying for citizenship cannot spend more than 450 days out of the last five years outside the country, or more than 90 days out of the last year.

i’m not really sure where he stands as i think being out of the country for university education is exempt but i do wonder what kind of “development work” he could do in the US to gain points and help his chance of becoming british~~~~

8 thoughts on “are they joking?

  1. Well, Rose, it’s something he has to take back to the US from the UK…and I have a feeling, if they can figure out a way to implement THIS one, it will be well beyond the time for James to be applying for Naturalisation.

    If they implement what they’ve just put on the books, Tracy, you will be very smart, if you’re seriously considering citizenship, to do it as soon as possible before they yank the rug out from under again. I just don’t trust ’em!!

    I’m still on my MP’s case to try to find out when they plan to implement the part of the law that benefits me in registering through my mom…makes me nervous – it became law over three years ago that the foreign born children of British men who didn’t marry the mom can register as citizens if they can prove the relationship (like with a DNA test), but they’ve NEVER implemented it! Just passed the law to shut up the ocmplainers I guess…

  2. The other thing…sorry to run on…but I think the naturalisation form asks something about your intentions to live in the UK…when James is eligible, if he’s not living here and doesn’t look like he intends to come back iin the forseeable future, he may have a problem naturalising…but ask me again next year and maybe I’ll have a better answer than that…

  3. Tracy, if you are taking up serious British citizenship, you must apply for it immediately. It is bound to change, especially with the financial meltdown which is affecting UK so badly. Best wishes.

  4. Tracy is not quite eligible to do it immediately, but I’m sure she will as soon as she can…from what I understand, by the time she is eligible in October (?), no changes will come about – fingers crossed!!

    (PS, James would need to be in the UK at the time he applies for citizenship…)

  5. I’ll talk more to Tracy about this when I see here…but the latest scoop is that Pheng is right about doing this as soon as possible – the word is out that prices to do this may triple by mid-2011!!!

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