working at home

one of the best things about working from home is that i get to listen to chicago radio stations on line…mostly WXRT. i like hearing the very early weather and traffic reports (they are 6 hours behind) …i like to imagine my family is still sleeping or just getting up…like i am keeping watch on the world for them..

good morning everyone in chicago!!!

they say the traffic is fine…the cubs and sox have both won….sunny and high around 80F…wow!!! i’m jealous!!!!

everyone under 70 have your lollapalooza tickets???

i may try NPR later but i think it will be too distracting…

my new word for the day???

 Intertriginous is a medical term used to define an area where two skin areas may touch or rub together, probably by friction. Examples of intertriginous areas are the axilla of the arm, the anogenital region, nares, skin folds of the breasts, and between digits. Intertriginous areas are known to harbor large amounts of aerobic cocci and aerobic coryneform bacteria which are both parts of normal skin flora.

i dare you to try and use that casually in a sentence!!!!

4 thoughts on “working at home

  1. HI,

    I really enjoy reading your blog! It’s always been one of my fantasies to be a nurse in a foreign country, and since that ain’t going to happen..I’m living vicariously. I’m in a small town NW of Chicago. Marengo, IL. I love your pictures!


  2. thanks donna,
    i didn’t always have this cushy research job…i think there are still some posts about my previous 6 years as a critical care nurse on here somewhere…

    i bet you have greeat pictures too!!
    enjoy the warm sun this weekend!!!

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