Love, love, love sunday morning

now that i am falling into my weekends off, life of leisure, sunday mornings are taking on a whole new meaning for me. now i feel in synch with the rest of the world instead of always feeling like i am running up the down escalator. I had a nice trip to london on thursday, it was sunny, warm and breezy. I went a little early so i could have a walk around, it’s that old nagging feeling i get that the perfct, best, coolest,  biggest shop or restaurant is just around the corner. there is a really nice hospital near euston station university college hospital


looks like it was designed by the same person who designed the new UHB…aqua is the new black….at least in hospital architecture.

as i was returning to the building where i thought the meeting was going to be i ran into my boss striding along at full speed…imagine that! lucky i did see him because the meeting was being held a few blocks away! i am a pretty good walker but i struggle to keep up with him and dodge buses at the same time!! he asked me if i like london….what a coincidence as i was just thinking how much i enjoy the hustle and bustle of a big city……ummmm, yes i do!…but i come from a big city! hrmph, says he. i said i suppose it depends on the purpose of your visit…if you’re there to visit the lovely parks and museums it’s really enjoyable…”ah yes”, he agrees. if you are rushing to a meeting weaving in and out around shoppers it’s not so great….

the meeting was called a working meeting,  just a few of us and lots of discussion. the highlight??? i got my laptop!! walking back to the train station i felt like a real business woman!! in fact the laptop in it’s little  briefcase is getting me plenty of funny looks on the 27 bus! they seem surprised that someone actually goes to work!

after the meeting i have been swamped with work and i have a deadline…but the laptop is making it much easier. yesterday i sat out in the garden working! it was windy and it was saturday afternoon but i thought i could be cooped up at the hospital dealing with families that can’t follow the rules, patients who should die but we keep torturing  them and other patients who should live but nothing we can do saves them.

i have few not very good pics from london, i don’t know why i can’t be touristy and just take pics like everyone else….i do have another entry for my “brum from behind” …a new page. i have more avocado pics but that wil be later.

in front of euston station

in front of euston station

pub across from euston

pub across from euston

gotta go make sunday breakfast!!

4 thoughts on “Love, love, love sunday morning

  1. You’ve photographed and noticed more right around Euston station than I ever have in my four or five trips through there and the times I’ve spent wandering around outside while I wait for the next train back to the Brum!

    Will look forward to your new page…

  2. Why does it seem London is far sunnier and warmer than Brum? Is it my imagination or is my grip on Geography and the weather system gone?

  3. Well, I don’t know about sunnier, but it does seem to have its own climate. I always thought most big cities are (generally) like that – they are generally warmer because of all the big buildings and tarmac…

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