sometimes you just have to take a chance

i’m still feeling pretty crappy, mr a very kindly finished painting the living room. it looks lovely!! we have been seriously looking at wood/laminate flooors. we stopped at this shop united_carpets

today i went back with actual dimensions, to get prices…what i didn’t realize was that what we looked at yesterday was real hardwood floors! the prices were between £30-80 per sq metre!! my tiny little living room is 13 sq metres…you do the math~~~

they have some nice laminate and “engineered” (wood veneer) floors for £15-25…it’s tough~~~ on one hand, i think that’s just 2 or 3 extra shifts but on the other hand we have soooooo many other things to do, like rewiring the electrics and um…the whole kitchen!

on my way back from northfield, one of my plans was to go to to kings norton and buy myself a little treat for my garden…HA!! got lost…walked and walked and wasn’t even close to a bus stop. here in england they have all these little paths and paved shortcuts. you just have to kind of take a chnace and hope you come out at a place you recognize.

i did….eventually….after taking a lovely, afternoon sun stroll past a cemetary. here’s a few pics…i have no photographic aspirations just documenting…




i have no clue what this means but it led to a path over the train tracks and eventually i did get back to familiar territory


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