the week ahead

today i had an interview at the university of birmingham, for admission to the MSc (Master of science?) degree program. they were dead impressed, i described my new job and they said… well, then that’s a master’s and Phd and then some sorted.

they just wanted to see my degree certificate from the university of illinois…not the slightest bit interested in my transcripts…not even a clue about GRE results…the two interveiwers looked and looked at my degree and said…nice…yes, very nice…

anyway, i’m unofficially in!! just have to wait for “the letter”

tomorrow mr a and i are off for an afternoon in london, i was supposed to have a meeting in the morning but that has been rescheduled for weds. we are going to london anyway…no plan…you’ll just have to wait for the post trip wrap up and pics!

wednesday…that’s the big day of the week…i’m leaving my house at 5.30AM…train from birmingham new st at 6am to arrive in newcastle at 9.26am for a meeting. i won’t leave newcastle til 3.22pm and get back to brum at 9ish…and home at 10ish????????

i have no clue what to expect in newcastle, it is very northern. remember this? the geordie accent

the week of sept 13 will be very busy…MSc induction 15-16, meeting in london 17th and then on to newcastle on the 18th.

one of my goals with this research position and MSc is to study what, how and why healthcare professionals change their practice. healthcare is an evolving profession~~what i learned in nursing school 15 years ago is not 100% valid anymore~~let alone what   my colleagues learned 20+ years ago…but how does a person or a system persuade and coax them to embrace new technology and research???

it’s very exciting to be on the beginning of a long journey.

6 thoughts on “the week ahead

  1. Congratulations! It all sounds very exciting and must feel really nice when someone is so impressed with your work.
    Thanks for the pictures, too, it’s always nice to see home. I used to live in Derby and just had to get used to my American family calling is Darby. Now that I’m back I’ve (mis)pronounced it here a couple of times. I guess you just get used to certain things.
    My friend’s off to Newcastle in a few days–it’s one of the few places I really wanted to go but never got to. I’m a huge Likely Lads fan and always hoped I’d meet my own Terry Collier there but probably would have just ended up meeting the pissing-on-the-pillar kid instead!

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