something that didn’t cross the pond

during a discussion i made a comment about not being as flexible as gumby…who? you know gumby and pokey? apparently that iconic american, flexible plastic little green man and his equally flexible orange horse, never made a splash in the UK, despite their celebrity status for us kids of the 60’s….so here they are in all their plastic bendable glory….



i don’t think kids today would be much impressed with them because well….they don’t DO anything. it was all about imagination and play.

and because it would be nearly impossible to describe how simple and well, sad these cartoons were and thanks to youtube for providing a video for every obscure interest…

4 thoughts on “something that didn’t cross the pond

  1. I don’t think my parents ever let us watch TV! In spite of the fact that you’re a bit younger than me and refer to yourself as a child of the 60’s, I just don’t remember much about the ’60’s and always thought Gumby came along when I was older (like, my brothers paid attention to him)…i don’t remember anything but Flipper, I Dream of Jeannie, Perry Como and Andy Williams! lol…we got one chanell and didn’t get to watch it much…

  2. you poor thing! don’t forget i come from the big city! we had at least 3 national stations 2, 5, 7 – channel 9 was local and then PBS came out by 1970 when my brother was born. we had to play with the hanger antenna a little but….sesame street was brand new!

    i recently watched i dream of jeannie here…very weird…considering i was in the air force also..they referred to WAF’s which are long gone.

    you tube is a real nostalgics heaven…
    at least you know who gumby and pokey are…does D??

  3. I’ll make sure to ask him when he gets home from work tonight – he’s been a TV fanatic from a young age, so it wouldn’t surprise me if, somehow, he’d heard of both gumby and pokey!!

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