out and about

today i went to leicester for this meeting…i got there a little early and had a walk around the high street. nothing spectacular or new but it is nice to see new things. the weather turned out to be partly sunny but very windy and i enjoyed the walk to the university. i actually said a thank you~to my lucky stars, allah, whoever that i have this job now rather than being cooped up in that hospital for 13 hours a day…..

i met the ethnographer (psychologist) and her assistant the sociologist, they treated me to lunch and we had a discussion about the project and a secondary aim/outcome which is:

To determine barriers to and facilitators of best practice by conducting a detailed ethnographic study in a small subset of ICUs.

when i first met them M D-W said so you’re a nurse? um, yes….

so you’re on the front lines? um, yes…

that is so interesting! um, yes it can be…..

the meeting was brilliant! besides the delicious fish pie i had…i would find myself talking (too much i thought) and then they would both say ‘that is so interesting ‘ or ‘that is fascinating’  um, i guess so….

imagine me be fascinating?? i’m not used to anyone valuing my opinion or experience. ha! what a turnaround!

 i suppose coming from such different backgrounds i find what they do fascinating also. the end result that i can report back to my boss is that we will be undertaking a study of the behaviour of icu healthcare teams…the communication, interaction, underlying emotions and power struggles. my job will be to keep my own diary, ask other nurses to respond to questions anonymously, set up and facilitate focus groups…at my hospital and then later at 3-4 other hospitals.

they want me to keep a diary…a kind of blog they said….they started to explain to me what a blog was….um, i have a blog…..oh you have a blog….yes, but not the kind you could use for the study, it’s for my mom and i just posted pics of slugs this morning….but i get the idea…

all in all, it was areally productive day and once again i have met two very educated women that i like and can work with…

the one annoying part of the trip? the man sitting across the aisle from me, the one with ‘ganja’ tattooed on his arm…who drank 3 cans of stella on the less than one hour train ride while talking with various people about shady activities on his phone…could have done without that…

6 thoughts on “out and about

  1. sounds like a great start to your thesis. in a couple years you can help me sort mine.
    I wonder, since you said they were surprised you are on the ‘front lines’ for both us and uk do most administrators start as nusrses/doctors and move up? i would think it’d be hard to have authority when they havent ‘been there’.
    well i think you are fascinating

  2. Right, we’ve always found you fascinating and interesting!! 🙂

    Don’t know if you were actually in the city centre in Leicester, but most of that (except for the obviously really old stuff) has been re-built in the last few years, it’s all new.

    There must be something about that Leicester train – whenever my uncle comes over, he has stories to tell me about all the crap he’s overheard on the train – amazing the stuff people don’t mind other people overhearing…

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